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The Edge Scholars Program is a for-credit engineering program that replaces the traditional first year of college with an immersive experience designed by engineers to give you an advantage throughout your university experience and beyond.

The Edge Scholars Program is a for-credit engineering program that replaces the traditional first year of college with an immersive experience designed by engineers to give you an advantage throughout your university experience and beyond.

"Knowing you have resources like internships, mentors and hands on learning at your fingertips through the Edge Scholars Program will ensure that students have a level of access that many often don’t. It will also ensure they graduate confident and with the skills they need for an engineering career. "

ReeceAnn Gleadle

Technology Consulting Manager at Accenture
College Major: Systems Engineering

01 Introducing the Edge Scholars Program

Start Strong.
Finish Stronger.

Start Strong Finish Stronger

Edge is a goal-focused engineering program that begins with the end in mind: A successful career in the field of engineering that’s fueled by industry connections and real-world work experience gained in college.

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What Students Get

  • Paid internship or co-op
  • Dedicated industry mentors
  • 30+ transferable credits
  • Designed by engineers for future engineers

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02 Your Journey as an Edge Scholar


How it Works

Begin your college experience with a first year through Edge’s immersive online program. After the first year, we'll help you complete your four-year degree with the confidence you’ll graduate with more connections, more experience and more skills.

Step 1: Apply for the 2021 Edge Scholars Program

Create Your Personalized Roadmap

Take the guesswork out of college. Edge program advisors create a personalized roadmap specifically designed to help navigate you from enrollment, through the college journey, and into your first job.

Step 2: Start Your Edge Scholars Program

Earn College Credits Learning Relevant Skills

Complete the first of your four-year engineering program and earn 30 college credits through a custom-built program that is designed for engineering majors and is focused on skills relevant for future engineering careers.

Step 3: Continue Your Engineering Degree

Gain Valuable Experience & Industry Connections

Start your second year knowing you're already ahead and begin an immersive experience working with employers through internships and co-ops, gaining real-world experience while getting paid. Edge handles all logistics, applications, assignments, and onboarding.

Step 4: Land Your Dream Job

Graduate With Confidence & an Advantage That Sticks

Hiring managers eagerly seek to meet you. Through active career coaching and established relationships with employers through coursework, you are ready get hired and break into the engineering field.

What else can I expect from the Edge Scholars Program?

03 Why is Edge an Advantage?

to Believe.

Reasons to Believe

Career focused from day one, with internships, private industry events, and a curriculum focusing on in-demand skills employers seek. Edge supports you with internships and co-ops throughout the entire college journey.

Supportive and personalized learning, without traditional roadblocks, including small-class sizes, access to mentors, small-group review sessions, on-demand tutoring, and real-world projects.

More affordable as you save on tuition and earn 30+ transferable college credits without the traditional first-year costs, including access to exclusive Edge scholarships and financial aid.

Collaborative community of like-minded peers, mentorship from top employers, and exceptional professors who make you their top priority. Get to know classmates across the country and build connections for a lifetime.

“Edge has truly taken the principles that ensure student success and has infused them into the college platform. This innovative approach to post-secondary learning puts the necessary resources and strategies in place to ensure a personalized and supportive learning environment for the next generation of college students.”

Michelle Kefford

2019 Florida Principal of the Year &
2021 National Principal of the Year Finalist

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Earn 30+ transferable credits through our collaboration with the University of New Haven and get on the path towards a degree and a successful career in the field of engineering.

05 Words of Affirmation

Hear From
Our Supporters.

Hear From Our Supporters

"Edge Scholars will have access to employers that are eager to help cultivate and someday hire these successful engineers. Ultimately, this program will help to lift the lives and livelihoods of a new generation of STEM-educated leaders."

Jeff Jones, PhD

Vice Provost, Emeritus
University of Central Florida

“The Edge Scholars Program will provide exceptional opportunities for students and give them the building blocks they need to thrive in STEM careers. We are thrilled to be the first to offer this opportunity and look forward to the benefits this program will provide to aspiring engineering students.”

Steven H. Kaplan

University of New Haven

“Internships and mentors are one of the ways students can make up for the gap between those that have the right guidance and those who don’t and that’s what you get with the Edge Scholars Program, access and opportunity.”

Michael Quiello

Vice President of Safety, Security & Operational Efficiency
Avelo Airlines

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